openCV and capture with ezcap device

Hello! Need to recognize and use video stream from ezcap device.
How can I do the same?

what have you tried?

Tried to google a lot, but still no a slight clue for windows and Opencv

what exact terms did you google? what were the top results?

so you’re telling me you did find example code for reading and displaying camera video in the official opencv docs? did that work for you? if not, why not? show me what you found. I can make this as hard or easy as it needs to be

ezcap opencv
ezcap videocapture

There is not code at all, folks complaining about blue screens and crashes.
I do have some working code, capturing from my screen, but I dont know how to adapt it to capture from ezcap’ed device screen

Many thanks for your kind advice

Most accurate question I can have now:
what is the name for captured video stream from ezcap device ?

what is this “ezcap” anyway? why do you think you need a solution specific to that manufacturer? are their devices special in any way? don’t they support standard drivers? can you view the video stream from VLC or your operating system’s “camera” app?

if you contact the manufacturer, what do they say?