Dear All,

Is it possible to edit the available open CV source code and recompile as per requirement? I just commented one part in video writer class and recompiled. But configuration not happens. Is there any steps to follow to edit and recompile?

Kohila. S

well, if the code is inside the opencv libs, you have to rebuild and re-install (!!) those (not only your own code) to see any change.

can you be more precise, on what you did there ?

Sure, for example video writer class is compressing video and saves in AVI or mp4 format as output file. In-case i want to add some extra formats , is it possible to add my own module and recompile the source code with new features?

you still don’t tell us, what you’re doing (as in: exact steps taken)

sure. you’ll have to use the same folder structure and supply a CmakeLists.txt, re-running cmake should pick it up then

hmm, idk, how you plan to achieve that.
the videoio module mainly dispatches such things to “backends”, like ffmpeg or gstreamer