OpenCV cv2.VideoCapture with udp cameras

Hey everyone,

I am having hard time with cv2.VideoCapture in Python.

I have two cameras (say camera A and camera B) each connected to my laptop through Wi-Fi adapter. So each camera has its own IP address.
These two cameras have UDP protocol type (Fixed by the manufacturer). In the python, when I try to livestream from both cameras, only one camera’s code works and the other camera’s code through an error.

Based on my google search, I concluded that OpenCV is preprogrammed to read always from localhost address ( if the protocol type is UDP.

So, I want to know how I can change this localhost address in cv2.VideoCapture

I good at Python but not that good at C++, so if the solution is in C++, kindly post it in details

call getBackendName. is it ffmpeg? gstreamer?