OpenCV Dependency on x264

Hi. I noticed that in a conda environment, opencv depends on x264. Since x264 is a gpl package, I’m wondering which functionalities in opencv uses x264, and if there is a way for us to use opencv without x264.

where exactly do you see this ?
are you aware, that opencv does not maintain any conda builds ?

Hmmm that’s what I got by installing opencv with conda. I guess I need to talk to the conda-forge folks then.

Does opencv depend on ffmpeg? I think the x264 dependency might come from ffmpeg.

also, to my knowledge, only the h264 encoder is gpl’ed.
you could use gstreamer instead,
and a lot of progs do not need video decoding at all


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Thank you for the replies!

OpenCV does not depend on ffmpeg (hence x264) but it can be built to use ffmpeg. the video I/O module uses ffmpeg as a possible backend.