OpenCV + FFmpeg

Hello everyone,

I have a small question regarding OpenCV in combination with FFmpeg. Is it possible to combine the FFmpeg library for OpenCV (opencv_videoio_ffmpeg shard library) with a small command line FFmpeg binary that links to OpenCV’s FFmpeg library such that it contains not much additional space? :thinking:

I found FFmpeg to be pretty useful, but standalone binaries are rather big (> 100 MB) and this would allow to combine it with the library provided by OpenCV.

Thanks in advance!

it will be possible to write an opencv binary, that uses ffmpeg.
however, the cv::VideoCapture abstraction hides the ffmpeg code from you.

it’s also unlikely, that the combined opencv and ffmpeg libs will be much smaller, than the current ffmpeg impl.

imho, you should leave opencv alone, and build your own ffmpeg app (from C), it’ll be much easier than trying to “tunnel” the opencv wrappers

Thanks for the fast reply!
So even if this is not possible in the way I thought it might be, still this is a very helpful comment. Thanks!