OpenCV Fisheye Calibration FOV 220

Nice to meet you. I’m trying to calibrate an super wide angle(FOV220) fisheye lens.
This lens is an Entaniya lens. However, according to the OpenCV documentation, this lens cannot be calibrated to more than 180degree. If anyone knows anything about this, please help me.

OpenCV currently does not support fisheye cameras with more than 180 degrees.

there seems to be effort to implement APIs for your situation.

I see these issues and pull requests:

I notice that the math notation on the fisheye documentation page is awful. someone should file an issue on github and maybe make a patch

Thanks for responding.
So does this mean that it is currently not possible to calibrate fisheye lenses above 180degree?

I think that is correct.

what do you need to do with the image data? perhaps you can implement some calibration yourself.

I want to calibrate it to find the angle between the lens and the target object.