Opencv installation in ubuntu python

Hallo all,

I have first installed open cv using the source method. The following website refers to that procedure

Now when I use spyder in anaconda, it could not find the module opencv/cv2. Since I am very new to linux (Ubuntu 20.04), I dont know what to do from here, pls help me what should I do next?

Waiting for ur answer. Thanks in advance

don’t do any of that. you don’t need to build OpenCV yourself.

just pip3 install opencv-python

Thanks for a quick reply

I tried the normal ways. I didnt find luck with that. So I am using spyder from conda. What command should I type in that?

  • pip3 install opencv-python in spyder kernel shows me invalid syntax.

  • Also the cut and paste procedure of opencv build in anaconda3/lib/python3.8/site-packages is a ryt way to install? I tried and fortunately it didnt show error while running