Opencv.js how to use cv.polylines? no documentation found anywhere

I tried everything and it’s still not working, what’s the sigature for polylines in opencv.js?

hello, i clicked into this link and it shows
’ We couldn’t find any code matching ‘polylines++path:doc/js_tutorials’

edit the query in the search box then. seems like the forum has trouble auto-detecting this URL.

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Thank you good sir, but the demo is getting the contour from the algorithms build-in, I have my own whole points set that forms a path which I’d like to apply polylines to, but I have no idea how to convert js array to Mat object required, I then need to push the Mat into MatVector but this step is trivial, I’m stuck at the step where I need to transfer js array to Mat, the tutorial mentioned an API called matFromArray, but I never could get it to work properly that it generates a proper Mat that I could use


hi I just managed to solve using matFromArray, I wasn’t able to because the col numbe was wrong, also the flag type was wrong, for anybody that might encounter this problem, this flag needs to be set to 12, cv.CV32SC2
thank you!

that entirely depends on your data. you can’t state that generally.