Opencv not installing on raspberry pi 3b+ also python not showing in menu

So I’m trying to build the robot from the book ‘Beginning Robotics with Raspberry Pi and Arduino’ I am about half way done and have all the parts now except for the extra mounting (which I’ll get later). I’m running into a problem with running OpenCV. I followed all the steps in the book but I run into problems where there’s no command found for ‘libjasper-dev libpng12-dev’ and libswscale-dev libv4l-dev in step 4 of this install, however I go through and continue with everything installed until I hit sudo python where I get an error saying the script doesn’t support python 2.7.
I compile the source code and it doesn’t take as long as I thought it should take… Well what am I missing?

I couldn’t upload the second picture for the rest of the steps on the other page since I’m new to this thread.

I also run into an issue with step 6 line sudo python I get ERROR this script does not work on python 2.7…

Here’s my robot so far pretty cool huh had most of the parts just laying around then I got the chassis for it and the pi hat, please help me in so close I just need open cv to work and Python 2.7 to show in the menu.

your bot pic is cute, but as useless as images of your textbook here

support for python2 ended years ago, you MUST use python3 now. try the easy (and official) way, with:

pip3 install opencv-python

Here’s the rest of the instructions that I was following

please stop posting images of text on the internet, thank you.

ok I’ll stop doing that. Hey so typed in pip3 install opencv-python and I got this super long error message. Any idea why mine is being complicated?

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