OpenCV on Raspberry pi does not capture a full 360 webcam

I am making a program that is capturing feed from a j5create 360 camera and streaming it to a server

All tests with the Raspberry pi as a webcam seem to work fine, but when I use OpenCV the left and right parts that will make a full 360 video/image are cropped out when a capture is made.

The capture from the left is taken using the fswebcam command and the image from the right is taken from OpenCV and Python and stored using the cv2.imwrite command.

Any tips on how to solve this would be helpful. we tried setting resolution and that did not work.

Note: This works on Windows without issues.

Edit: changed a photo for screenshot

do not literally take a photo of your computer screen. use the “print screen” key on the keyboard or whatever your operating system offers instead.

OpenCV by default tries to get a 640x480 picture. if you need a different aspect ratio or resolution, you need to set() those capture properties.

I tried setting the resolution but no matter what I used, it defaulted to 640X480… even the small resolution of the camera which is 640X360 is not working.

video = cv2.VideoCapture(0)
video.set(3, 640) # tried even the camera's 1920 x 720 res based on the specs
video.set(4, 360)
width = video.get(3)
height = video.get(4)
print(f"width: {width} x height: {height}")

I still get 640X480 on Raspberry Pi. It works on Windows though