Opencv python move mouse cursor rectangles

I made a cascade with an opencv haar cascade , managed to scan certain objects on the screen, hover the mouse over them and click on them… But how can I move the mouse movement to the scanned thing closest to the mouse in a region that contains objects of multiple identical models. I mean this

my code :

   def __init__(self, needle_img_path):
       if needle_img_path:
           self.needle_img = cv.imread(needle_img_path)
           self.needle_w = self.needle_img.shape[1]
           self.needle_h = self.needle_img.shape[0]

   def get_click_points(self, rectangles):
       points = []
       for (x, y, w, h) in rectangles:
           center_x = x + int(w/2)
           center_y = y + int(h/2)   
           points.append((center_x, center_y))       
       return points

   def draw_rectangles(self, haystack_img, rectangles):
       line_color = (255, 255, 255)
       line_type = cv.LINE_8
       for (x, y, w, h) in rectangles:       
           top_left = (x, y)
           bottom_right = (x + w, y + h)             
           cv.rectangle(haystack_img, top_left, bottom_right, line_color, lineType=line_type)
       return haystack_img  

moving the mouse is beyond the scope of computer vision and OpenCV. there are libraries specifically for moving the mouse.