Opencv refuses to accept libpython binary and fails to produce python module

I am using a technique I saved to script as it has worked for me so many times in the past; however, in my latest attempt I cannot get opencv4.7.0/cmake3.25.0 to recognize

There are no errors or mentions in the configure logs, it’s as if it’s just being ignored O_o
My build scripts: opencv - Google Drive

Any help would be really great, as I am full-on red-eye with a deadline.

Nvidia AGX Orin,
Ubuntu 20.04,
Factory 35.1 stack / jetpack 5.0.1,

I don’t know much about linux but on my Windows, that path isn’t to a .so/.dll but to a .lib please check what’s there

When python 3.8 is auto detected it points at respectfully, I’m fairly sure that’s the right file.

if you built OpenCV before, make sure to delete the “cmakecache.txt” file in the build directory. it contains things you can set in the cmake GUI, but also infos determined by the “configure” step

Actually to my surprise I discovered that something was getting altered outside of the build folder, I just re-cloned the whole shebang and it started to behave.