OpenCV version compatibility (b5a vs 4.6)

I’m trying to apply my algorithm (made OpenCV) to the Inspection machine.
but, my develop environment is OpenCV 4.6 (win10). but the machine’s env is OpenCV b5a (win XP)

so, we have problem in here.

I know the b5a version is too old.
but We can’t the OpenCV version in machine go up. (the soft ware is too heavy to change version)
and the my algorithm include so many OpenCV function. so It is not easy to make without OpenCV function.

Could anyone have a good idea for figure this problem?

On a comment below you stated that you are using OpenCV b5a . I just found a message from 2006 that mentions this version, which means you are using a jurassic release of OpenCV and that’s probably the root of the problem.

(due to broken link, here’s similar discussion: [Mingw-users] Problem On Compiling opencv with MinGW )

v2.0 was released in 2009 (after 2006), so “b5a” is either v1.x API or a beta/alpha, before v1.0. That is terrible.

You could see about finding a release from that era, but good luck getting that to compile, except in a period-accurate build environment.

or just develop on the target machine.

or ditch whatever’s requiring this version of OpenCV and replace it with something that isn’t old enough to drink and drive.

sorry, no good news.