Opencv vs "OpenCV for Android"

I coded inPython a program which calls functions SIFT detector, findHomography.
I expect to do the same algo in Dart/FFI on iOs, Android, so I recoded my algo in c++ and I compile with the lib “opencv for android”. I use VS code on Windows 10.
BUT I got errors, and errors on .hpp not found, it looks like there are differences between the “standard” version of opencv and those for Android?

For example : ‘opencv2/xfeatures2d/nonfree.hpp’ file not found

Do you confirm this, or I’m wrong somewhere?


more info, please:

which ‘opencv for android’ are you talking about ? (link, !!)

probably outdated, SIFT was moved from there into main trunk with 4.0, so a simple


should do.

Releases - OpenCV 4.8 Android

that should come with precompiled binaries (compiled c++ code from the main repo (no contrib modules)) + java wrappers

(and yes, it should have SIFT)

i have NO idea (and noone here will have …), what you need for your project, good luck !

can you show me le link to the precompiled lib?

I use this package … so I don’t understand :frowning: