Opencv4.7 builds successfully, but cannot run the mcc example

The sample code is
OpenCV: Detecting colorcheckers using neural network.
I can use version 4.6 to run sample code, but I can’t use version 4.7.
I use cmake and mingw to build opencv on win10, and I use Vscode to run sample code.

I know that version 4.7 can successfully build opencv using cmake and Visual Studio 2019 on win10 and can run the sample code.

Is the difference in build tools causing the problem?
I don’t know what happened? Can you help me?

please, post TEXT, not images of it, thank you

I get an error about “Exception occurred. Segmentation fault”.
After I try adding “net.enableWinograd(false);”, I can run the sample code.

Does Winograd have anything to do with computer equipment? Why can it run if it is set to false?

ah right. the winograd optimization had some trouble, initially. but updating to latest 4.8.0-dev should fix it