Opening a video file does not work

I finally managed installing openCV to IntellijIDEA on Windows.;

Despite having a good path, does not open the file.

Some sources from several years ago say it may be problem with codecs. It did not help me, the answers weren’t understandable enough.
If that’s true, I wonder why NOBODY has considered either any quality-of-life improvements or lowering entry level for new users.

Could anybody help me?

make sure, opencv_videoio_ffmpeg454_64.dll is on the PATH
(or otherwise reachable from your app)

Do you mean that?

Is opencv_videoio_ffmpeg454_64.dll still in that folder as it should be, has it been added to the path, system path changes require a restart?

Have you tried the video’s from the opencv extra repository?

big_buck_bunny.mp4 should work with ffmpeg?

Ok, it started to work. Thx