"Pose" estimation of a known template with OAK-D or similar stereo cameras

Hi there
I’m trying to find the 3D coordinates of a known and well textured template (image patch) with my OAK-D stereo camera for a robotic navigation application. It’s something like a sticker (around 4cm x 4cm for example) with a distance of 20-50cm to the camera.

Any smart ideas from the experts here? Thanks a lot!

it would be helpful to see example images / template, please.

Well, yes. Use AprilTags for the sticker (already implemented in OAK-D) and extract the depth data on the detected sticker position.
Note that the minimum distance for OAK-D camera is ~35cm.

Thanks kbarni, but I don’t want to work with special markers (e.g. AprilTags). I would like to detect a specific patch which is known (like a label on a can) and get out the patch’s 3d coordinates.

I’ve already made some good progress with SIFT features and a corresponding matcher. Maybe there are other ideas around?

Unfortunately as “new user” I’m not allowed to upload files ;-(.