Prebuilt dylib?

Is there a prebuilt universal dylib available for OpenCV? I’m not really familiar with cmake, numpy and the like.

there is no such thing.

please start with cmake, we’ll help you on the way.

This is a pity. Having prebuilt dylibs would make things much easier for developers like me. I’m a desktop developer with an app that archives emails. The app resizes a lot of images.

I really need to think if I want to do this adventure.

btw, if you’re mainly interested in python bindings, you’re just a

pip install opencv-python

away (same for numpy)

For sure, this would be easier. I have some experience with Python. I’m not sure, however, if talking to a Python app is fast enough.

since you’re on apple, using native apis for image processing should be your first choice. cuts down on dependencies, is especially optimized to the hardware.

Since I’m using Xojo and not XCode I have to talk to a dylib.

I don’t know that thing. is it not supposed to be able to use native APIs?

anyway, yes, you can just build OpenCV. you will face the challenge of having to build things a lot in cross-platform development. or you choose a cross-platform framework that gives you all the abstractions already.

OpenCV is not a crossplatform development framework. it’s just a library for computer vision.