Problem for calibrate stereovision camera

i’m try to gain experience in python with a stereovision programm:
[programm on github]
The problem is i aven’t got the knowledge of visiocomputing for calibate the 2 webcam.
I read the configStereo.yml fil:

date: "2021-09-04 15:52:50.830096"
Echiquiernb_lig: 6
Echiquiernb_col: 9
Echiquierdim_carre: 2.7500000000000000e-02
Aruconb_lig: 5
Aruconb_col: 8
ArucoDim: 3.4549999999999997e-02
ArucoSep: 2.1640000000000000e-02
ArucoDict: 14
type_calib0: !!opencv-matrix
   rows: 2
   cols: 1
   dt: i
   data: [ 14564, 1 ]
Cam0index: 0
Cam0Size: !!opencv-matrix
   rows: 2
   cols: 1
   dt: i
   data: [ 640, 480 ]
type_calib1: !!opencv-matrix
   rows: 2
   cols: 1
   dt: i
   data: [ 14564, 1 ]
Cam1index: 1
Cam1Size: !!opencv-matrix
   rows: 2
   cols: 1
   dt: i
   data: [ 640, 480 ]
algo_sgbm: 1
preFilterType: 1
pre_filtre_cap: 31
blockSize: 3
numDisparities: 8
uniquenessRatio: 3
speckleRange: 1
speckleSize: 10

so i try with a 6x9 Checker(at,pess 10 times the “g” touch,with different position for left camera,then press “c” for calibrate.
I ave the folowing message:

c:/Users/me/Documents/Traitement_d-images_et_de_videos_avec_OpenCV4_en_Python-master/py_stereovision/ DeprecationWarning: `` is a deprecated alias for
 the builtin `int`. To silence this warning, use `int` by itself. Doing this will not modify any behavior and is safe. When replacing ``, you may wish to use e.g. 
`np.int64` or `np.int32` to specify the precision. If you wish to review your current use, check the release note link for additional information.
Deprecated in NumPy 1.20; for more details and guidance:
  MODE_3D =
Aucune grille pour la calibration (No grid for calibration)

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "c:/Users/me/Documents/Traitement_d-images_et_de_videos_avec_OpenCV4_en_Python-master/py_stereovision/", line 1237, in <module>
    param_ecran, liste_thread, liste_cam_calib, sys3d = gestion_cmd_stereo(
  File "c:/Users/me/Documents/Traitement_d-images_et_de_videos_avec_OpenCV4_en_Python-master/py_stereovision/", line 967, in gestion_cmd_stereo
  File "c:/Users/me/Documents/Traitement_d-images_et_de_videos_avec_OpenCV4_en_Python-master/py_stereovision/", line 85, in calibrer
cv2.error: OpenCV(4.0.1) C:\ci\opencv-suite_1573470242804\work\modules\calib3d\src\calibration.cpp:3679: error: (-215:Assertion failed) nimages > 0 in function 'cv::calibrateCameraRO'

thanks for your help.

Sorry the code is here:

you must use this command to create a checkboard grid :
python -o chessboard.svg --rows 9 --columns 6 --type chekerboard --squaresize 20

i try with a checkboard generate with but it’s still the same problem.
I ave 2 webcam 10x optical zoom at 10$ unit:

maybe the problem come from here?