Problem with C++ USB Camera: reddish Center

Hello… I am experiencing some odd behaviour when using C++ OpenCV 4.8 on Fedora39 (same in Ubuntu 22) – the center is consistently slightly “reddish”.

It does not appear when using the App Cheese, neither on C++ OpenCV 4.5 on WIN 10.
Does anybody may know how to resolve it?
Any OpenCV CAP Setting change maybe? Or an alternative version of OpenCV?

Thanks in advance, T


this might be modulated by any settings applied to the video feed, such as resolution, saturation, white balance, … perhaps the camera has internal compensation for misalignment of the bayer filter, which is switched on/off.

Thanks…might be. I was tinkering around with the setting, but without success.
What I can say now, after installing and testing different OS’s and OpenCV versions, the problem occurs in the combination of an OV5640 Module (maybe some others as well) together with the 64bit Version of OpenCV
… if a 32bit Version of OpenCV is installed, the C++ Script Video feed is flawless, independently of the OS.
At least I know what to use now… :frowning:
[Note: the post @stackoverflow came from myself as well, was just instantly closed… stackoverflow @ it s best :slight_smile: ]