Question about triangulatePoints function from sfm module (on opencv_contrib)

Hi everyone,

I was wondering why the cv::sfm::triangulatePoints() function handles the case numberOfViews=2 and numberOfViews > 2 differently ?
The first call the function “cv::sfm::triangulateDLT()” while the second “cv::sfm::triangulteNViews()”.
By curiosity, I have tried to use triangulteNViews() with only 2 views and the result is different from the one computed with triangulateDLT() which seems weird to me.
Could someone explain to me why the function cv::sfm::triangulateNViews can not be extended to the case of N=2 views ?

I am asking this question because I want to triangulate a point from 30 views for my current project, and I get unsatisfying result. So I am trying to understand how the cv::sfm::triangulatePoints() function works.

Thank you in advance for your help,