[Question] Memory Allocation with recurring use of a Mat (Java/Android)

I have an incoming stream of RGB Mat objects (all with the same dimensions and depth); the processFrame method is called for each new Mat. For each new RGB Mat, I wish to convert to HSV, get some information from the HSV Mat without changing it, then move on. My code looks like this:

public class MyProcessor implements Processor
    Mat hsvMat = new Mat();

    public void processFrame(Mat rgbMat)
        Imgproc.cvtColor(rgbMat, hsvMat, RGB2HSV);
        // Now, get some information from the HSV mat, without changing it, and report it in some way

Obviously, the first call to cvtColor will result in memory allocation for hsvMat.

For subsequent calls to cvtColor, will the same block of memory be used, or will reallocation occur?

unless you change the size of the input(rgbMat) it should not reallocate