Reading the bar level

so I
WhatsApp Image 2021-06-26 at 18.49.24
was trying to read a health bar level on pubg. so when getting shot the white portion decreases and the rest become black.So first i thought by reading the number of black and white color pixel. i could measure the health. But the bar will change color from light red to dark red on further getting of shots. i am new to opencv i thought this will be a cool project to learn. So can somebody suggest me a technique so i can read the bar

that picture is very tiny. please provide original resolution data.

and provide multiple images that represent the situation. don’t use words if you can show.

oh and I removed those tags. they weren’t helpful.

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forum allows me to upload only one pic at time as i am a new user

with a very low level health

with a little damage

I asked for original/full resolution, not thumbnails.

you can edit your own posts, as far as I know.