Reduce.hpp(379): error

The error occurred while compiling the CUDA-supported code using the use opencv4.9.0 and opencv_contrib4.9.0compiler:(visual studio 2022)

E:\work\CGS\opencv_contrib\opencv_contrib-4.9.0\modules\cudev\include\opencv2\cudev\grid\detail/reduce.hpp(379): error : no instance of overloaded function “cv::cudev::blockReduce” matches the argument list

Excuse me, could you please help me?

CUDA 12.4 is not supported yet, downgrade to CUDA 12.3.

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I think it’d be a good idea if OpenCV warned at build time if it detected a CUDA version that OpenCV hasn’t been tested against, or that has a known unresolved incompatibility. I just wonder if #warn is visible enough, while a million lines of build log scroll by.