Save a Radiometric Image after loaded and edited

Hi i´m new @ OpenCv i need some help in how to Save Back to file a Radiometric Image after loaded and edited?
I have not found how to maintain the same format and save the changes back .
Full image and SDK Shared
Loading is with a SDK interfaçe “

 		pIRBuffer = new unsigned char[m_infor.iheight*m_infor.iwidth];
		cv::Mat img(m_infor.iheight, m_infor.iwidth, CV_8UC1, (unsigned char*)pIRBuffer);

please link us to that sdk, so we can enquire further

also, just saying, the code you show is so incomplete, that it does not make any sense, can you try to improve that ?

Thank you, Link updated with SDK.

The SDK link is set to private, I requested access but got denied. Can you accept my request or change the link to public?

Ok what or why you need for!!

A quarta, 21/06/2023, 15:33, Alexander Hörl via OpenCV <> escreveu:

To help you with your issue. That’s why you posted the link to the SDK and image in your post right?

If I can’t open then link I can’t help you.

valiant effort. you can lead a horse to water but…

I gave it a quick look when the thread was posted originally. it’s chinese documentation and SDK for some camera.

dealing with that has little practical benefit to anyone trying to just help . the SDK also doesn’t use OpenCV.

the only justification for asking on this forum would be if there’s an issue wrapping some image buffer into a cv::Mat.

if I had to bet, I’d say the pIRBuffer is not 8-bit per pixel. the code presented so far looks okay. victory hinges on the operation of GetIRImage()

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Thank´s just updated , and a simple Opencv teste we try to do!

Yes something like that!
but really having some problems! if anyone helps we can see fee.