SimpleBlobDetector and KeyPoint.size

OCV 4.5; C++, Visual Studio 2017; MFC; Windows 10

The KeyPoint.size is given as
'diameter of the meaningful keypoint neighborhood ’

I want to make sure that I am using this ‘diameter’ correctly in order to calculate area to compare to minArea and maxArea. Can I assume that this ‘diameter’ is given in pixels?

With the code lines:

Ptr<SimpleBlobDetector> detector = SimpleBlobDetector::create(params);
detector->detect(matThresholded, keypoints);

say I get a of 2, that would be a diameter of 2 pixels. Correct?

Since I am looking for more or less circular blobs then, using the standard formula for the area of a circle I would divide by 2 to get the radius and then get Pi X r2 ie

float fRadius = / 2; // In this example it is a radius of 1
float fArea = 3.14 * (fRadius*fRadius);  // In this example this would be an area of 3.14

My questions is: Is this a near correlation to what SimpleBlobDetector is using when it calculates area to compare with minArea and maxArea?

In the source file OpenCV_453\opencv\sources\modules\features2d\src\blobdector.cpp it arrives at the area via

 Moments moms = moments(contours[contourIdx]);
double area = moms.m00;

So if m00 is a spatial moment, given a true circle, wouldn’t this be the same (more or less) as my area of a circle calculation above?

Is there a way, from the return in the KeyPoint object, for me to calculate a similar m00 Moment?