Stereo Calibration file format


maybe the information is out there somewhere, but I didn’t find an answer until now.

I set up a stereo camera and got the calibration and PLY generation working in Python and C++ with the help of the documentation.

The Python samples generate a XML file with a size of 600 MB. Contents are the Stereomaps, Q, R, T. The result in the matched PLY file warped and the results get even worse at bigger distances.

The C++ samples generate two YML files (intrinsic and extrinsic) which have 4 KB each. The results in my PLY file are quite perfect.

Where is the general difference between those formats?

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Programmer name?

I don’t think there is a stereo format in opencv

details required. link to those programs you speak of.

Thanks for the replies. I was lost in code and after your messages I noticed that the Python samples came from a different source (GIT: niconielsen32). The working C++ samples came with OpenCV. I now decided to finish the project based on the C++ code which works perfectly with some minor changes. Sorry for opening this topic. I am new to these topics.