Super Resolution - not working

I want to use super resolution,but even after using opencv 4.3+ is it throwing error a = cv.dnn_superres.DnnSuperResImpl_create()

and the exact error is ?

do you realize, you need pretrained mdel data for this ?

Somehow it started working with very specific version of open cv,

Bro but this is not what I want, i want after cropping of a image, the clarity of image should be somehow increase. can you suggest something?

define “clarity”.

perhaps you should use pictures instead of words.

I want this image should look clean,so OCR can read, I applied lot of thrersholding and preprocessing, but the clarity like normal picture is not what I am getting.

I perhaps use GANs for image pixel improvement, but it is a costly process.
I want to achieve that by" OpenCV", tried super_resolution it not worked.