Syncing USB Camera frame rate to step position NOT time

Hi I have an IMX258 USB camera on order from Alixpress, 4k Mjpeg 30FPS and a Pi 3b

I want the pi to drive my stepper motor to position X then take a photo, then move again to get position X+Y, Y being my gear ratio and repeat until I have 360 photos

It rotates 0.5rpm

BUT I need the frame rate to synced to my step position so I can send a take photo and I need to take photo’s 3 FPS ideally

Is this even possible with OpenCV I’m quite confused.

Anyone have experience with these camera’s? They are on a ribbon I wonder if I can just plug it in the Pi camera port?

This Camera


you should be asking if it’s possible with that camera to trigger exposures, and you should be asking if it has global shutter, and how much exposure time for the lighting in the scene, and how much and for how long the whole apparatus will vibrate from every single step

UVC can let you take still pictures but OpenCV’s VideoCapture doesn’t expose that, as far as I know. I could be wrong.