TBB (Threading Building Blocks) 2021 support?

I have successfully built OpenCV 4.5 against TBB 2020. I’ve just tried with TBB 2021 though and it seems to not be supported. It looks like TBB 2021 has several backwards incompatible changes, renamed headers, etc.

Has anyone got it to work, or is anyone working on it?


Is it same problem here?

Ah ha. Thanks. My issue seems to be this basically: Intel OneApi TBB does not have tbb_stddef.h anymore · Issue #19358 · opencv/opencv · GitHub

Looks like support is forthcoming. great!

It is already merged. You should update your repo

By ‘forthcoming’ I meant in a release, as opposed to merely in git master. But yes, I will try against master to see if that works for me. thanks!

patch releases seem to be done in roughly quarterly intervals. I would bet on 4.5.2 dropping around early/mid april.