Tech stack used by barcode reader products


We are developing a inventory application, we need barcode reading capability built into this tool. Trying to understand what is the tech stack used by products like Cognex, Dynamsoft, Scandit

Appreciate if somebody point us to the technology stack of these products.
in their barcode reading libraries / sdks’.

Can OpenCV used for developing barcode readers which can acurately scan all types of barcodes?


those companies wrote their own code. there is no “stack”.

please explain “all types”.

1D barcodes like EAN/UPC

short answer: yes.

long answer: OpenCV can help you with everything you need except decoding barcodes. use a barcode reading library for that. popular ones are zbar and zxing.

OpenCV itself has OpenCV: cv::QRCodeDetector Class Reference but that’s not for 1D codes.

Thanks for the info.

this is not merged yet (WIP)
but it will be able to detect barcodes and decode ean / upc