The keyframe image extracted is different from the keyframe image in the annotation software, and the number of frames is not synchronized

Labeling software DarkLabel :point_right:

The pictures captured by pthon are inconsistent with those of the annotation software, and the number of frames is different.
It feels like there are a few frame errors and the values ​​are not fixed. How should I adjust it? What’s the problem?


common issue with broken video files.

seeking is always guesswork to some extent.

transcode your videos to constant frame rate and intra-coded.

or maybe the annotation software is broken? submit a bug with that project instead.

as far as I can see, you haven’t demonstrated where the issue is. an [mre] consists of data. you need to provide data to reproduce the issue.

The problem is that the code and the annotation software do not use the same encoder.The annotation software used is oencv_videoio_ffmpeg430.dll .How do I now get the code to handle the video to also use oencv_videoio_ffmpeg430.dll?Is there any official usage?

For example, the 199th frame is marked, but the 199th frame is intercepted in the code, which is actually the 196th frame. The difference is about 3 frames, and the error is not fixed.