The possibility of purchasing special distribution, with missing Java binding?


It seems that in all existing distributions (Windows, Linux, Android), the appropriate Java binding for the class

is missing. Since I am making an application that should work on the listed platforms (Android, WIn, Linux), and I find it quite complicated to make such distributions, is there a possibility to somehow buy what I need?

For more details, please see

Thanks in advance


You can’t purchase this non existing Java package from OpenCV.
You can pay some developer to develop this package for you.
This is the right place to look for developers, may be you should ask for them.

Thanks for your answer!

Just to ask, isn’t it enough to just add java to the WRAP part of CMakeLists.txt



The problem is that I need this binding in the 3 mentioned distributions, which I can’t do alone…it seems too complicated for me to be honest

I don’t think that’s enough.

Did you see the @berak answer regarding


No, I didn’t, but now I did.
It’s worth trying!

Yeah, and this is exactly why I need a help.
It is a really complicated to me, to build distribution for Android, Win and Linux, which has this functionality. Wondering, if OpenCV has some kind of commercial support, to pack this for me?

P.S. It seem that OpenCV team does not care too much about Java bindings?
It is mostly forced Python…

no such thing exists

Just to ask, isn’t it enough to just add java to the WRAP part of CMakeLists.txt

before discussing redistribution problems, you have to try if that works
(it’s a nessecary step, but noone knows, if there will be additional problems)

there are various consulting companies that would probably be happy to make you an offer. they aren’t generally affiliated with OpenCV. it’s like all the “linux”/opensource companies that do the commercial integration work but don’t really work on the linux kernel.

the “official” one is because it’s got the original Gary Bradski who started OpenCV, and you’ll surely have encountered the name Satya Mallick