ColorCorrectionModel in Java?


I am just trying to implement this sample code to the Java:

The problem is, I can’t find the right Java binding class for

I looked at JavaCPP also, but there is nothing like it there either.

The question:
Is there any way to rewrite this example in Java?
Any idea?

main problem might be, that noone yet bothered to add java bindings:

add a java line at the end:


then re-run cmake && make && make install

Thanks, a lot I will try!

remember to add opencv_contrib modules

And just to ask, I am new to OpenCV…what is the procedure if i want to make a version for android and windows? help would mean a lot to me…


Since I need a Android, Windows and Linux distribution of OpenCV, that includes this Java binding/functionality, and it is quite complicated to make it myself, I wonder, is there a way to buy it somehow? So, if someone would make such a distribution for these 3 platforms, I am ready to pay for it. Is there such a possibility?