Tracker Re-track

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I am working in a tracking module. i am using CSRT tracker to track the object. its tracking well. But once the object is missing its not coming to else part. Always returns true. Is it possible to re-track once the object appears. Please do the helpful.

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since this is the only condition, that will make update() fail:

you could try to lower the resp. threshold value

Hi! As I understand, the task you describing here is long-term visual object tracking.
You need to use the tracker which is able to do it.
As I remember, in OpenCV it can be MOSSE, KCF, GOTURN trackers (please remember, that some of them are moved to “legacy”).
Also, in OpenCV, you can use DaSiamRPN and SiamRPN++ trackers (Python 3 versions).
But I would recommend reading about long-term visual object tracking more precisely :slight_smile:

ok. Thank you. Let me check.

OK . let me try and update.Thanks for the info.