Training Haar Cascades to recognise 1 face

I want to train an algorithm to detect only my face and no others. I am planning to do this by training a Haar cascade file with the positive images being just images of my face and probably have various other faces and objects as the negatives - would this be a good approach? I have seen various tutorials on training cascade files for object detection, for example a phone or a watch, but none for specific facial recognition. Any advice would be much appreciated!

Haar filters detect dark/light patterns in the image (like a vertical dark/light/dark pattern for eye/nose/eye area); it is not suited for face recognition.
For face recognition methods in OpenCV refer to this document.

Note that the computer doesn’t learn your face for recognition, it learns to make the difference from other faces. So it’s best to use an available face database with your face added to it for training. The document above details this aspect, too.

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Thanks for your reply, I will give this approach a go