Transmitting image from a wifi camera

Hey there, can anyone tell me how to transmit the image from action camera SJ8air (or similar) via WIFI in my python code? cv.VideoCapture(0) is not working. I’ve tried to add some arguments like: cv.CAP_DSHOW and so on and it’s still not working.

see here for a wonderful explanation

chapter 3 tells us, that you can connect to a webserver via http (so you could try : VideoCapture("rtsp://") and hope they use some known protocol)

chapter 2 shows, that you can also connect it via usb, which would make VideoCapture(some_number) work

good luck !

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Thanks a lot! It works

@mike , could you please make another reply with what worked exactly, so we got some 1st hand experience here ?

Well, I’ve just used:
capture = cv.VideoCapture(“rtsp://”)
and then I worked with the video in while loop


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