Usage of cv2.parallel.setParallelForBackend

I read to use cv2.parallel.setParallelForBackend.
But, I don’t know how to specify the ParallelForBackend in python binding of OpenCV 4.5.4.

print(cv.getBuildInformation()) and check the “Parallel framework” section. mine says Concurrency.

when I call cv.parallel.setParallelForBackend('Concurrency') it returns True.

for anything else, like tbb or openmp, it fails and says it doesn’t recognize those strings.

Thank you for your reply. I’ll try it.

In Python only overload with string backendName can be used. To be able to switch between backends you should build several of them as plugins. Currently TBB, oneTBB and OpenMP plugins are supported.

OpenCV: OpenCV configuration options reference and OpenCV: OpenCV installation overview

Thank you for your reply.