Using OpenCV with Android

Where can I find information for using OpenCV with modern Android. The tutorial at OpenCV4Android SDK — OpenCV documentation uses Eclipse which has not been used for Android Development for almost 10 years. Is there any official documentation for setting up Open CV with Android Studio?

And where do I find the examples that are described at OpenCV4Android Samples - OpenCV?

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you used documentation for OpenCV 2.4. do not do that. it’s outdated. use current documentation. browse and go for the 4.x or 5.x branch.

I found this on 4.x: OpenCV: Android Development with OpenCV

but that might not have been updated in a while…

perhaps this will help: opencv/platforms/android at 4.x · opencv/opencv · GitHub

samples are always in the opencv/samples directory. see opencv/samples/android at 4.x · opencv/opencv · GitHub

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