Video stream being cut off on either side of the screen

We have a source video hooked up to a VGA capture card. Any time we view the images being captured using the capture card, they are cropped / cut off on the right or left side. We’ve tried plugging the source video directly into a VGA monitor and see the same cropped results. We are using the VideoCapture object to capture the video, is there a way to use OpenCV that will account for the offset? Pan or something? Or any other suggestions?

We cannot alter the source video stream, and the display settings on the video stream are not able to change/ account for the cutoff.

sounds like the source either intentionally crops some sensor data before generating the signal, or it violates some video timing standards.

there’s nothing OpenCV can do. it can set some things, if the given system video API allows it, but it’s not made for that level of flexibility or that kind of application.

you should mess with whatever settings this capture card offers. maybe it can adapt.

are you prepared to investigate your analog signal with an oscilloscope? any random scope with more than a fistful of MHz of bandwidth should do to at least recognize a few things. from your post I can’t tell if the data you want isn’t even there anymore, or still there but inaccessible because the signal is out of spec.

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