VideoCapture from OMAX/Touptek microscope camera

I am trying to connect a A3513U CMOS camera to a python open cv2 script, which isn’t working at all. I am pretty new to open cv and coding in general, so I am not necessarily sure about what I’m doing. Currently this is what my code looks like:

This works well for webcams, as well as another handheld microscope I have, but the computer just doesn’t seem to recognize the omax camera as a camera.

that said it does work when i use the provided software with the camera (Touptek).

Does anyone have any suggestions/solutions for this problem, or know where to look?

find out whether that camera implements the USB “Unified Video Class” (UVC). that is how webcams usually talk to hosts.

if it doesn’t, but requires a special driver, you’ll have to figure out if that driver exposes it as a regular camera to your system (what operating system?)

can you get this to work with VLC or some other program that isn’t provided by the manufacturer?

and please edit your post and replace the picture of the code with text of the code.