Visual environment for OpenCV

We created a visual environment for OpenCV. No code. Free. Have fun:

Any comments are highly welcomed!


Seems great. Only Windows? No Linux?

I was wondering when someone would create something like halcon/cognex but based on OpenCV. I’ll give it a try!

if there are functions missing from OpenCV that you think are a good idea to have for this application, let me know.

  • suggestion: make that combobox let me type “bgr2gray” and make it work. when I type, it seems to jump to entries that start with the key I just pressed.

  • webcam source: accept MJPEG “pixel type” too.
    my Logitech C920 can do 1920x1080 but not when doing RGB24, and in YUV2 mode it doesn’t manage the full expected frame rate. in OBS Studio I can ask for MJPEG “pixel type”, which gives me Full HD in full frame rate. my webcam can do H.264 as well but that’s messy to get working and I haven’t seen a program that can do it.

image image

This is a Windows application. We did try to run it under Wine, but there would be still much work for that.

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I consulted that with our developers. Unfortunately there is no fast way to achieve any of the two improvements. I hope what you are getting right now is already quite a progress in terms in how fast you can experiment, right?

OK, CRACKWITZ, we added that for you. You will have MJPEG option for web cams. See a development preview: clip0321.avi. Now it is being tested and we will release that soon.

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@crackwitz The extended list of pixel formats is done and has been released. Now you can test several new options, including MJPEG:

Please let me know if it works well for you.