Visual studio 2017 or 2019 generating reported error link opencv_core4100. lib failed

visual studio 2019
CUDA 11.1
Nvidia Video Codec SDK 11.1
cuDNN 8.2

During the process of building Opencv for CMake, I cancelled the face module and test module. However, due to an error in setupvars, I also cancelled and checked cuda cuda_fast_math、opencv_extra path, At this point, open SLN and generate ALL-BUILD and INSTALL in sequence, but a LINK Error occurs during the process of generating ALL-BUILD:

helo, can you give us the output as text, please ?
(screenshots like that are useless here, unreadable, cant be indexed, ppl cannot copy your errors for research, etc.)

thank you.

Okay, thank you for your reminder. As I am unable to upload the text, I have provided the link in the form of an online document: