Want to speed up template matching in OpenCV python

I am working with the code below to detect multiple images on the screen using multiple source images to detect different object on screen. found this link with solution but when applied my fps drops down drastically

import cv2 as cv
import numpy as np
import os
from time import time
import mss


imgs = ['car.png', 'bear.png', 'computer.png', 'log.png', 'utensils.png',
        'bench.png', 'river.png', 'keepdistance.png', 'waste.png', 'player.png']

def findClickPostion(needle_img_path, haystack_img):

    #    haystack_img = cv.imread('/Users/amanrai/Desktop/conquer2020/main.png', cv.IMREAD_UNCHANGED)
    needle_img = cv.imread(needle_img_path, cv.IMREAD_UNCHANGED)

    result = cv.matchTemplate(haystack_img, needle_img, cv.TM_CCOEFF_NORMED)

    min_val, max_val, min_loc, max_loc = cv.minMaxLoc(result)

    threshold = 0.8
    if max_val >= threshold:
        needle_w = needle_img.shape[1]
        needle_h = needle_img.shape[0]
        top_left = max_loc
        bottom_left = (top_left[0] + needle_w, top_left[1] + needle_h)
        cv.rectangle(haystack_img, top_left, bottom_left, color=(
            0, 255, 0), thickness=2, lineType=cv.LINE_4)
        cv.imshow('result', haystack_img)
        # cv.waitKey()
        print('Not Found')

loop_time = time()
with mss.mss() as sct:
    monitor = {"top": 450, "left": 0, "width": 1438,
               "height": 450}  # "width": 1500, "height": 860
    while (True):

        screenshot = np.array(sct.grab(monitor))
        #screenshot = cv.cvtColor(screenshot, cv.COLOR_RGB2BGR)

        #cv.imshow('Computer Vision', screenshot)
        for ik in imgs:
            findClickPostion(ik, screenshot)

            print('FPS {}'.format(1 / (time() - loop_time)))
            loop_time = time()

        if cv.waitKey(1) == ord('q'):


Is there a faster way to achieve it as speed up the process so that it detects multiple objects on screen without losing any fps.

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as noted over there, your mistake is calling imread in every iteration. move it outside of the loop.