When I use opencv to build my pro with ndk, it reports "cannot find -lfreetype" and "cannot find -lharfbuzz"

I want to use the opencv_contrib module, and I’ve build the opencv_contrib and opencv with ndk. However, when I use the built opencv_contrib, it reports “cannot find -lfreetype” and “cannot find -lharfbuzz”.
I wonder how to solve it?

most likely it’s disabled due to dependencies (libharfbuzz & libfreetype2) , which are probably not available for android (idk).

please show complete cmake output here.

This is my cmakeList.txt:

and below is the error log:

Well, I solved the problem. I build the opencv_contrib with -DBUILD_opencv_freetype=OFF option, it is exact that the freetype lib isn’t used in my pro.