Where to find addWeighted, boxFilter, Mat, UMat API's definition/implementation in opencv c++ source code


I have cloned the opencv source code from GitHub - opencv/opencv: Open Source Computer Vision Library

I am trying to find implementation source files for addWeighted and boxFilter.

I could find declarations in opencv-master\modules\core\include\opencv2\core.hpp and opencv-master\modules\imgproc\include\opencv2\imgproc.hpp

I can find only declarations and not able to find definitions.

I am also trying to find definition for mat.hpp, could not find mat.cpp like that.

Can some one help me where to find implementations for all these.

Thanks and Regards
Rajesh Chanda

You can download and search in your ide. I use VS2017 to get results :

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Thanks laurent.

I am able to find for addweighted, boxFilter.

Could you also give me definition for mat.

I am looking for copyTo, getMat, getUMat definitions to understand how UMat is giving data to opencl kernel.

Thanks and Regards
Rajesh Chanda

You can do it yourself. I find a way. Use github search button but you must give prototype :

Like this you have got only one or two answers

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Thanks laurent,

Yes It helped me to browse through files.

But still I am not able to find definitions for the methods which are declared in mat.hpp like copyTo, getUMat, clone, create, UMatData struct and etc.

Could you help me in this, so that i can understand how UMat is handling data/memory and giving to opencl kernels.

Thanks and Regards
Rajesh Chanda