Which features of camera should be considered when choosing a camera for object detection and image stitch?

I am working object detection and image stitch. I use yolov4 for object detection and I use sift and surf algorithm for image stitch. I used to See3CAM_CU55 - 1/2.5" 5.0 MP Low Noise USB Camera (Color) for these processes. But this camera have distortion. For this reason,I can not stitching image. Now , I am looking for a new camera for these processes. Which features of camera should be considered when choosing a camera for object detection(with yolov4) and image stitch(with surf and sift)? For example, Should it be high resolution? or Should it have an image sensor?. Extra, I want to perform these processes regardless of environment light. Are there cameras with this feature?

Thanks for all answer!

For Yolo detection you don’t need high resolution image; the image is scaled to ~400x400 or ~500x500 pixels (0.025Mpix) before detection.

Every lens has some distortion, best is to correct this using the chessboard calibration pattern: OpenCV: Camera calibration With OpenCV , so you wont need a new camera.

For uniform luminosity the best is to lock the cameras exposure time.

By the way, did you think of buying a wide angle (or fisheye) camera, so you don’t need to move the camera and stitch the images?

  1. Ok, Do we need high resolution for SIFT and SURF image stitching methods?

  2. I have a camere and lens which have fish-eye distortion and 140 degree wide angle. So, I did chessboard calibration. But I get very low fps because of this calibration. In addition to this, I will more than one camera on system and the calibration of all cameras is very hard.
    I checked on internet and I saw some zero distortion cameras and lenses? Are they not real?

  3. Can I set exporuse time with every camera? Do all camera have this feature? or is there any specific name?

  4. Ok , I used one more than fish-eye camera , but I can not stitch image which I taken from two fish-eye camera because of distortion. I have to camera which have no distortion.