Which namespace needs which flag or library?

hi :wink:

i build my opencv with cmake, But sometimes, I can not use some functions, And I have to search 2 hours in Google which flag to activate when working with cmake or which library to download.

then generate with cmake, then open vs project then 30 min build project then…

Is there a site or link that lists all the namespaces and what flag or library they need?

can you be more concise,
like a concrete example, you’re having difficulties with, please ?

For example, when I tried to work with this function cv::alphamat::infoFlow I saw that it was not possible, for what? Yes because I did not use eigen!

But how do I know if I should download this library and activate this flag [ cmake ]?

Now I want to know, is there a site / link that lists all these needs? For example, to use this namespace, you must download the library and enable this flag…

next day! : omg, now for create button i want use this function cv::createButton but i cant! for what? yea i must build opencv with QT :expressionless: k lets do it, its only take 2 hour!

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