Why result different between cvsmooth('gauss') and GaussianBlur

cvSmooth( src,  dst, CV_GAUSSIAN, 0,4,4);
cv::GaussianBlur(src, dst, cv::Size(0, 0), 4,4);

two result are different, Why?

impossible to tell. cvSmooth sounds like a decade-old API.

can you find documentation on it/

looking here,

it seems your cvSmooth() call has wrong parameters, it should be:

cvSmooth( src,  dst, CV_GAUSSIAN, 0, 0, 4, 4);

to achieve the same result.

also, yes, deprecated / removed api. DONT USE THAT !


cvSmooth( src,  dst, CV_GAUSSIAN, 0,4,4,0);


cv::GaussianBlur(src, dst, cv::Size(0, 4), 4,0, cv::BORDER_REPLICATE );


yea right. and probably not what you wanted ;}