Why tracking algorithms don't support GPUs?


I’m newbie about object tracking and I’ve been learning about this topic recently.

I have a hobby project that will run on the Nvidia Jetson Nano development board. So this board has GPU and I want to use it (actualIy bought it for this).

I’m currently using CSRT tracking algorithm for my project and actually I’m satisfied. But as a result of my research, this tracking algorithm does not support GPU which is in the opencv-contrib module. In fact, as far as I understand, it does not support any tracking algorithms in the opencv-contrib module.

But why? Are tracking algorithms that cannot be parallelized? What is the story behind this situation?


at least half the “tracking” module is basically obsolete and unmaintained. most of these trackers are behind the times.

look into the dnn examples. there are trackers based on SiamRPN.

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thank you for your replying.